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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  July 22, 2017 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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intersection. the bay area road that's . i have pulled my share of cars out of this intersection. >> dangerous intersection. the bay area roads that's causing big traffic concerns. thanks for joining us. >> new data shows that one particular intersection in the east bay has seen dozens of crashes over several years. we are at the spot in walnut creek that is especially trex rouse. >> reporter: out of all the accidents in walnut creek in recent years, 8%, 8% of them happen right here at this intersection. it's considered the most dangerous intersection in the city. but this is not the only trouble spot. it's perhaps the busiest street
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in walnut creek and the most dangerous. >> traffic is really going. >> reporter: a study produced for the apple law firm and shared with the bay area news group looks at the 800-plus accidents in walnut creek from 2010 to 2015. 65 of those happen at the intersection here. >> i have pulled my share of cars out of this particular intersection. >> reporter: to truck driver russell know ac says he's had some close calls at this intersection. >> someone, excessive speed, not paying attention, actually crashed into the car that i was getting ready to load up. >> the intersection is the first major traffic stop coming down a hill for drivers traveling into walnut creek. many drivers use this as a short cut between east county and highway 24. >> i try to avoid this intersection and use the back roads just because it gets so congested. >> reporter: of the 12 most dangerous intersections in walnut creek, five of them were
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along this road, including i national yo valley and san carlos drive which recorded 42 injury accidents. drivers blame high traffic volume, speed, and distracted driving. >> i have been watching people eating cereal. >> reporter: elsewhere, tree boulevard recorded 40 injury accidents, two pedestrians were also killed trying to cross the intersection. >> last weekend, i had someone slam on their brakes. >> reporter: a neighbor has had many close calls here. she avoids it. >> it's really angry. i can't afford to get hit by a car. >> reporter: the study was done for a law firm. so it only looks at trouble spots. it doesn't look at solutions to fix these problems right here. we don't have any idea if the city has a plan on fixing these dangerous streets. live in walnut creek, kpix 5. >> just this morning, too, a crash killed a man in
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neighboring pleasant hill. it happened about 10:15 on taylor boulevard. the chp says a woman lost control of a toyota minivan, veered to the left and hit a lexus. the impact partially ejected a passenger from the lexus even though he was wearing a seat belt. he died from head trauma. two other people in the lexus were also hurt. a plea today from families who have lost loved ones in the cliffs. most recently parts of a car belonging to a missing man were found at montero state beach. his father and others gathered along highway 1 to call for a life saving barrier. >> i just want to get his remains and properly take care of richard. >> reporter: somewhere along these jagged cliffs, beneath the churning restless waves, dan believes he will find his son, 20-year-old richard moss went missing in late may. investigators now believe his
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car went off the road just beyond this guardrail. >> i wouldn't wish this on anyone, to be honest with you. >> reporter: the sea is offered up tantalizing clues to his son's whereabouts. his aaa car and a tire belonging to his car have washed ashore. but so far efforts to locate the car or richard himself have come up short. so in the meantime, dan is working with other families who have lost loved ones along this stretch of highway 1 to convince caltrain to install a guardrail. >> my main goal is for another person not to loose their life f there were barriers in place both rich and my sister may have had a chance to live. >> reporter: row is a died in 2016, eight months before richard's car is believed to have plunged into the sea at the very same spot. a guardrail both families believe may have prevented their deaths. >> he shouldn't have died because -- rose shouldn't have died. they should have put up these barriers a long time ago. >> reporter: a community united by loss and a desire to prevent
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similar tragedies in the future. open highway 1 near pacifica, kpix 5. other turns, turning to a familiar theme, crews have contained two small brush fires. they broke out just south of page mill road. skyline itself was closed and there is no word on whether it has reopened. in mariposa county a terrible fire some residents are returning to their homes destroyed. and blackened by the blaze, evacuation orders have been lifted for mariposa. the small town devastated by the detwiler fire. it's burned more than 75,000 acres since it broke out on sunday. the fires destroyed more than 140 structures, including 60 homes. another 1500 structures are threatened. cal fire says one of the biggest concerns right now, dangerous ash pods. >> if a tree burns and a stump is underground where the roots are, all of that can still burn underground, but it can be a ash pod that is very hot.
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those are around the homes and things like that. we don't want to let people back on their property, have them fall into one of those. >> wow. right now the detwiler fire is 30% contained. well, a rash of mail truck brake-ins and residents are being told to check their accounts linked to the stolen mail. the mail trucks were broken into on back-to-back days last week in willow glen while the carriers were delivering letters by hand. the post office has sent warning letters to 350 homes urging customers to keep a close eye on their bank statements. >> living in an area like willow glen, there is kind of that expectation of security, especially when it does come to something like your mail. i think having that sort of breach in the neighborhood is kind of a little bit scary and shocking. >> police say they are still investigating. a man who police say sped away from a dui checkpoint is now under arrest in santa rosa. the suspect was waiting in line at the checkpoint last night on
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morgan street and then he drove off, led police on a chase and then crashed into an exit gate. he tried to run away then before officers caught him. now he's facing several charges, including dui. well president trump has been tweeting fresh attacks on the news media. this after a revelation that jeff sessions talked about the presidential race with the russian ambassador to the u.s. during last year's campaign. cbs reporter weijia jiang is at the white house. >> reporter: president trump issued a warning to america's enemies while commissioning the newest aircraft carrier. >> if a fight does come, it will always end the same way, we will win, win, win. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the president unleashed a series of tweets, criticizing a washington post story focused on attorney general jeff sessions calling it an illegal intelligence leak. cbs news has confirmed american
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intelligence intercepted russias discussed campaign-related matters with russian ambassador during the 2016 race. >> i should not be involved in any campaign investigation. >> reporter: sessions denied ever talking about the campaign when he recused himself from the russia investigation back in march. >> let me be clear, i never had meetings with russia operatives or russian intermediate areas about the trump campaign. >> reporter: he now says he never had any conversations about russian interference with the campaign. president trump's son-in-law is scheduled to testify on capitol hill on that same day. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. and today, lawmakers announced a bipartisan deal to sanction russia for its meddling in the election. the legislation includes something that president trump opposes, a mandate for a review by congress if he tries to ease the sanctions later. the bill will come up for a vote
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on tuesday, it's expected to pass both the house and senate by wide margins. a 22-year-old oakland man is facing charges of trying to support isis. according to court documents, the man met with undercover fbi agents to plan an attack. prosecutors say he had plans to escape after ward and then hide in mexico. they say he set up social media accounts that were for the use and benefit of isis. his client never supported any terror group. he is being held without bail at the jail in oakland. we have new details on the death of actor john heard. best known for his role in the home alone movies. heard was found dead in the hotel room yesterday, earlier this week, representatives for heard told tmz the actor underwent minor back surgery at stanford medical center. the actor planned to stay at the hotel during his recovery. the medical examiner is investigating the death. authorities say it's not considered suspicious. john heard was 71 years old.
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and coming up, chaos at a california starbucks, when a customer takes on an armed robber, it's all caught on camera. >> plus, new restrictions coming to a popular bay area beach and what you need to know. >> ooh, speaking of beaches, it's a nice way to cool down. we have the forecast as for what's happening next, after the break.
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a masked robber used a fake gun and a knife to threaten a starbucks clerk. it happened on thursday. old customer " incredible new video. a masked robber used a fake gun and knife to threaten a starbucks clerk. it happened on thursday. 58-year-old customer craig jerry grabbed a chair, walked up behind the robber and smashed it over his head. the two men then started fighting. investigators say jerry was stabbed in the neck during the struggle. the men wrestled away the knife
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and stabbed the robber several times. >> that was incredibly heroic, and it is the way that i would think most people would think that they would respond, but may not have courage to respond. >> after the fight, the robber took off, but he didn't get very far. he was later arrested. san mateo county is cracking down on overnight parties on the beach. nobody is allowed on the beach between dusk and dawn and there is a new prohibition on camping, fires, alcohol, and smoking. officials acted after multiple incidents where people left behind large amounts of trash and even a barbecued pig. well, some inconvenience this weekend for riders. the agency is closing some stations to test its new train cars. technicians are monitoring vibrations inside the new light rail vehicles. electronic censors will register how the cars move over the tracks above and below the ground. the stations closed today start
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the metro service between montgomery and westport al stations. that will end at 9:30 p.m. bus shuttles will operate during all the closures. now additional bus schultz will operate at dubose. caltrain is finally wrapping up its first work of week repairing that sinkhole. you will remember the pavement gave way during heavy rains more than a year ago. a massive 15 by 20-foot hole opened up. the $3 million repair bill forced the city to declare an emergency. the work should be finished by mid-october before the rainy season begins. well, 27,000 runners are getting ready for the san fran is sis comarathon. for the first time, runners will get half of the golden gate
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bridge all to themselves. the 26.2 mile race finishes on the bridge. runners will make their way through the golden gate park. road closures start at midnight near the starting line. at 4:30 in the morning, roads will be closed off. from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. northbound lanes on the golden gate will be completely shut down for runners and there will be limited southbound leans open to cars. organizers and officials say they would rather be safe than sorry. >> they're trying to control the traffic. i mean, we've seen in the past what's happened in the u.k. they've been using vehicles as -- as weapons and so, you know, they're going to take all the necessity precautions to try to avoid any vehicle traffic whatsoever. >> experts say car-driven terror attacks like the ones we've seen abroad are less likely with the northbound closure and southbound traffic will be so backed up a car likely couldn't drive fast enough to do much damage. well, oakland bike lovers were on cloud nine today.
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thousands gathered for an event called paddle fest. skilled riders showed off their skills. the food was pedal powered and there was a impressive collection of bikes. the free event wraps up soon. looks like fun. we had another nice day today. it looks like the same is on tap for tomorrow. there are no major weather headlines. east bay is nice and clear. there are a few low clouds that will pack in along the shore later in the night. look at that. hmm. reminds me of the good ol' days. concord 99 degrees. occasion land 80. livermore 100 degrees. high pressure is over southern california. that strong high is beefed up a little bit in the past 24 hours. as a result, temperatures continue to warm. it will ease slightly tomorrow. the numbers will come down slightly inland. futurecast shows low clouds. the marine layer to the rescue as we get fog and low clouds packing in along the shoreline tomorrow morning and time for the marathon. so that will keep things -- i
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think it would be pleasant for runners in sorts of situations by tomorrow night. 5:00 p.m., looks like it's mostly sunny. get some build-ups well offshore under the north but hot again inland for us. highs will be in the 90 degree plus range. patchy low clouds. mild temperatures inland -- well, mild, 80s inland will return by monday. and here's how it looks for the giants taking on the padres at 7:15 tonight. mainly clear skies. temperature at 63 degrees at game time. and then the marathon tomorrow morning, costal fog, low cloudiness out there. by the time you get to the bridge, the bridge is along the coast as well. that's why they built the bridge. there could be some low clouds and temperatures will be upper 50s, low 60s. california state fair, you want heat, there it is. 101 in sacramento. and the festival, ultra cool. 63 degrees with some sun and
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some clouds. well, central valley, as per usual ranges from 107 to 106. out in the mountains a few clouds, but that's about it. 63 at beautiful mend see know. overly night lows will be in the upper 50s. and then highs tomorrow will -- along the coastline be close to average, but inland warmer than average. 73 for oakland, in san jose we'll hit 87. nun at morgan hill. 89 campbell. over in the east bay, the numbers will be in the low to mid-90s. and then we'll get up in the north bay, very pleasant. readings mostly in the 80s. still plenty warm for lake port. and clear lake numbers will be a little bit over 100 degrees. standard forecast, we have nothing but sun inland all the way through next weekend. after we dispense with this warm spell, we'll lose it during the week and heat it up again just in time for the weekend. that's weather, for sports,
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mr. glen. >> all right. giants and padres, what is this? extra innings again? and, he's back. yep, pablo sandoval go home again? 811 is a free service to keep our community safe. before you do any project big or small, pg&e will come out and mark your gas and electric lines so you don't hit them when you dig. call 811 before you dig, and make sure that you and your neighbors are safe.
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. ...i'll simply say....get your panda hats out of the closet!!!. "panda watch" pablo sandoval today...giants baseball up ton. giants misses out. i'll simply say get your panda hats out of the closet. >> and watch, pablo sandoval showed up here with a giant's t-shirt on. >> here's the last we saw of him. he will play tonight for single a san jose. now before he signed with the red sox, he once said, he wouldn't miss anyone in this organization besides bruce bochy and hunter pence. well sandoval released this statement regarding those comments, when i left the giants in 2014, my comments were
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emotional, insensitive and misguided and i truly regret and apologize for my actions. speaking of action, check this out. the giants padres again today. this is the pitcher. not a single, not a double. hits a triple. scored two runs. padres lead 4-1. nunes he was 3-5 today. a two r.b.i. single, got the gian within a run. ladies knitting, biding time. bottom of the 12th, it's tied at 4-4 and hundley got it to drop and let's go home. a walk-off hit for hundley. giants won this game a final of 5-4. a's and mets moving picture tonight. golf one round left of the british open. imagine you and one of your best buddies in the final group there, soaking it all in, that
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was matt kutcher and spieth. bird's eye view on the shores. today, the story of brandon. gracie, how about a fresca? grace who birdie 17 and parred 18, shot up from 45th to fifth place. first player in major championship history to shoot a 62. to the final group, jordan spieth left and matt, cue cher who started the back. oh, look at him just jar it. and pulled within one shot of the lead. next hole, after mother birdie, spieth answered with a birdie of his own to stay up by one. and then, 16. choocher, three-putted for a double bogey. it dropped him three behind spieth. on 18, spieth barely on the green, how about a fresca? boom. a birdie to end the day. spieth shot a 500, 65, his third
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straight round in the 60s. so spieth leaves matt by three shots going into tomorrow's final round. the two have separated themselves from the rest of the field. two of three times, spieth has held the third round lead in a major he has gone on to win. his mind-set.... >> you control your own destiny, and sometimes that's -- that can be a big thing on your mind. it's a little bit tougher to sleep, but i've been fine recently, i expect to be. it not, i can sleep during the day tomorrow. we don't tee off until pretty late. i wouldn't rather be in any other position. >> last time we saw receive curry on a golf course, he was doing this. he finished fourth in tahoe celebrity tourn. and in two weeks, he will tee it up at the tournament in hayward leading some including his wife to believe steph has
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found a second career? >> me and a lot of the nation share the same fear. that's my post retirement fear, all right, basketball done now it's time to go. >> after 15. >> oh my gosh. please now i'm hiding the clubs. >> nfl end of next week camp opens for the raiders. two are going to get it done on the field. there have been reported fears off-season battles and water games. >> who wins one-on-one, in the pool? who wins? >> oh, man. me. >> no i'm just kidding, i told him the other day, i said hey, man, it's been ten times you've been over here and you haven't dumped on me yet. he said what. i've been guarding you 24 whole time and you can't dunk on me. so he grabbed the ball a walked me all the way down the lean and slammed it on me. it was quite fun.
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>> it's going to be a big bull's eye on that team starting at the end of next week. >> all right. now doubt. and we'll be right back.
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the breitling wingwalkers literally to the sky and finally some acrobats in china took to the skies. >> the wing walkers took their performance to the sky, riding the plane's wing and performing stunts in the air, giving spectators a breath-taking view from above. my goodness. would you do that? >> i have thought about it. >> no


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